Friday, September 18, 2009

Emotions in the Amazon Rainforest

As we take our last boat ride upstream on the Madre de Dios River I gaze out at the mysterious dense jungle feeling sad. I am sad for a few reasons. My immediate sadness is that I don´t want to leave this incredible place, I am actually getting used to the nusances (bugs, humidity, heat) and appreciating the intricate ecosystem of the rain forest; second, I wish everyone could understand and experience the wonders of nature here in the Amazon (without destroying it, of course); and lastly but most importantly, the downside of modernism is devastating these ´lungs of the earth´ and is happening at a seemingly unstoppable rate.

It seems funny to have such powerful emotions of attachment to place that just the day before I wanted to leave so badly because of my extreme discomfort. True, I am ready to leave now because I know I can´t stay but I am leaving with a new appreciation for the part of the world that is so important to our existence and to the people who have inhabited for many many years.

Currently, Hunt Oil, a Texas based oil company, and Peru are proceeding with plans to expand oil exploration in the Amazon Rain Forest of Perú. You can read more about this potential devastating decision at

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