Friday, September 18, 2009

Lago Titicaca - The highest navigable lake on earth

Lago Titicaca looks like the ocean, you can look out into the horizon without seeing land for miles. This lake is shared by both Perú and Boliva. A few of the islands have been inhabited since pre-Inca times. These islands have hundreds of agricultural terraces that date back many years where they have grown potato, barley, quinoa and the other local crops. I had a chance to stay with a family on Amantaní island. A widow and her two children were gracious hosts to me and a women I met from Malaysia the night before in a Chifa restaraunt in Cusco.

The island was so tranquil and our host home had a beautiful view of the lake for miles and miles. Fernandina cooked tradtional island food for us in her modest kitchen over a wood fire. Our beds were turned down with sweet little daisies adorning the corners of the sheets. She had flowers from her garden in vases on the table and around the entrance to the kitchen. We enjoyed a few meals and talking with her about her life on the island.

Later we took a hike to see the incredible sunset turn the sky bright colors of orange and red. Looking to both the east and west, you could see the mountain ranges of the East and West Cordillera in the central Andes. We returned to the Fernandina home in the icy cold wind to a warm bowl of quinoa soup, rice, potatoes and carrots with a hot cup of Coca tea.

Just before going to bed, we gazed at the dark sky filled with millions of bright stars. In the morning we said our goodbyes after a delicious breakfast made with love and gratitude by our hostess.

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  1. Wow Amy, that just sounds simply amazing. I've always believed that those that have least often give the most. I'm so happy that you've been able to have this experience.